Welcome to a world like nothing you have ever seen. The time is the late nineteenth century. The United States of America have been shattered by a brutal revolution, and now the Confederate States have become a new republic, dedicated to slavery. The Kaiser Adolph the First has broken the British Empire, and now the German Empire has invaded Kongo and is taking anything it can get. German mines send tons of gold to the Kaiser while German raiders capture and sell thousands of people to be slaves in Dixee, Kyuba, and Brasill.

However, the legions of the Kaiser have found deadly enemies. The daughter of British missionaries, Penelope and Gideon Darque are a study in contrasts. Penelope Darque teaches children of every race at the New Concept School, and her sister, Gideon Darque, works as a trail-guide and prostitute; but both women can call on the power of voodoo to transform themselves into human predators. Fast as panthers and strong as a dozen men, the Wargyrls have only one weakness. The Wargyrls must maintain their strength by ripping out the hearts of their enemies and eating them raw. Fortunately, the armies of the Kaiser have plenty of hearts. Welcome to the brutal world of the Wargyrl.

You can buy and download the first issue of Wargyrl from the site for Penny Power Comics for only ninety-nine cents as a digital download. The first issue is forty-eight pages in full color. This first issue is an intense and affordable introduction to the world of Wargyrl. Each of the rest of the issues have sixty-four pages, all in color, and cost a dollar and ninety cents as digital downloads. This means you can download the first four hundred and ninety-three pages of Wargyrl in color for fifteen dollars and read them in a single afternoon; and then keep the digital downloads to read again in months or years to come. Wargyrl contains nudity, violence, and mature themes.


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